There are two sides to my story…

Lucien Vedego

A multi-disciplinary artist with work spanning the fields of music, painting, writing, acting, and modeling. All of his works stem from his mission to spread the messages of unity, vulnerability, and innate power. He is also active within the field of metaphysics, sharing esoteric teachings by holding space, as well as working as a Reiki practitioner.


Outcast from Andromeda 5000 for disclosing psychedelic revelations, Axi-Ohm was stripped of his mouth and shot into space in the direction of Earth. He landed with such a force that when he crash landed into an unsuspecting human, the two combined.

And got along fabulously.

Axi-Ohm is the ongoing and ever-evolving story of the Alien Boy and the human half that he speaks through, making music that can only be described as trapmospheric ambient bleeps and bloops with a dash of http error 404.

Together we make up one magical manifestation of an artist and change-making entity.

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